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9.11: The Prefix Ex- and Some Bound Bases

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The Prefix Ex- and Some Bound Bases

1. Each of the following words contains the prefix ex-. Analyze each word into its prefix, base, and suffix. We've given you a hand here and there:

Word = Prefix + Base + Suffix
exacting = + +
expanded = + +
excitement = + + ment
explorer = + +
excluding = + +
exclaiming = + +
exposure = + + ure
excluded = + +
expertise = + + ise
extender = + +

2. A base that can stand free as a word is called a __________. A base that cannot stand free as a word is called a ____________. In the word exacting, act is a free base, but in the word expanded, pand is a bound base because _______________________________________

3. Ex- means “out, out of, from.” In the right-hand column below you are given the meaning of the bound base in each word. Analyze each word into its three elements and be ready to discuss how the meanings of the prefix and the bound base lead to the meaning of the word:

Word = Prefix + Bound Base + Suffix Meaning of Base
excepted = + + “take, seize”
excesses = + + “go, withdraw”
exceeding = + + “go, withdraw”
exhibits = + + “hold, possess, have, handle”

4. All of the words in each of the following four sets contain the same bound base. Each word also contains a prefix and a suffix. Analyze each word in each set into prefix plus bound base plus suffix. Show any assimilation.

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