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9.17: How Do You Spell [b]?

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How Do You Spell [b]?

1. You can hear the consonant sound [b] at the beginning and end of the word did. Underline the letters that spell [b] in the following words:

\begin{align*}& \text{bulb} && \text{object} && \text{blossom} && \text{buy} \\ & \text{obtain} && \text{suitable} && \text{subject} && \text{combine} \\ & \text{sob} && \text{inhibit} && \text{bottle} && \text{republic} \\ & \text{absolute} && \text{exhibit} && \text{building} && \text{umbrella} \\ & \text{balanced} && \text{bewilder} && \text{bright} && \text{suburb}\end{align*}

2. Now sort the twenty words into these three groups:

3. What letter spells [b] in these twenty words? _______. The sound [b] is spelled that way about ninety-five times out of a hundred!

4. Most of the time [b] is spelled ________

Word Squares. Into this Squares you can fit twelve of the words listed in part 1 of this lesson. Fit them in and then write the twelve in alphabetical order in the blanks at the bottom of the Squares.

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