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9.19: Words With <ble> and <bble>

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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Words With <ble> and <bble>

1. In the VCCle pattern the vowel is __________, but in the VCle pattern the vowel is _______.

2. Underline the letters that spell [b] in each of the following words:

\begin{align*}& \text{able} && \text{pebble} && \text{scramble} && \text{feeble} \\ & \text{scribble} && \text{tremble} && \text{bible} && \text{gobbler} \\ & \text{resemble} && \text{noble} && \text{rubble} && \text{humble} \\ & \text{gamble} && \text{bubble} && \text{nibble} && \text{table}\end{align*}

2. Sort the sixteen words into this matrix:

3. When there is <le> right after a [b] with a consonant or a long vowel right in front of it, the [b] is spelled ________. When there is <le> right after a [b] with a short vowel sound right in front of it, the [b] is spelled ________.

4. So far you have worked with two different spellings of [b]: ________ and ________.

5. As we've said, one or the other of these two spellings is used almost \begin{align*}100\%\end{align*} of the time. The only other spelling of [b] occurs in just two words: cupboard and raspberry. Both are compound words. Analyze each into its two stems:

Compound Word = Stem #1 + Stem #2
cupboard =
raspberry =

Notice that [pb] is hard to say. To make the words easier to say, we leave out the [p]. So in these two words [b] is spelled <pb>.

But every other time [b] is spelled either \begin{align*}<\text{b}>\end{align*} or <bb>. And the <bb> is always due to twinning, simple addition, or to the VCC pattern - though we must remember the little sub-pattern with <ble> and <bble>.

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