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9.21: The Suffix -ment

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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The Suffix -ment

1. You have already worked with a suffix that changes verbs into nouns: the suffix -er, which adds the meaning “one that does” to the nouns it makes:

Verbs Nouns
teach teacher
burn burner
sing singer

2. Now we are going to work with another suffix that changes verbs into nouns, the suffix -ment:

Will they punish us for being late? (punish is a verb)

What will our punishment be? (punishment is a noun)

3. Analyze the following nouns into verb plus suffix:

Noun = Verb + Suffix
achievement =
acknowledgement =
excitement =
disappointment =
contentment =
government =
improvement =
pronouncement =
accompaniment =
concealment =

4. Each of the following verbs can be turned into two different nouns, one with the suffix -er, one with the suffix -ment. Fill in the blanks, but be sure to show all changes:

Verb Verb + -er = Noun Verb + -ment = Noun

5. Each of the following nouns contains a verb, one or more suffixes and perhaps an extra prefix. Analyze each word and show any changes:

Words = Analysis
repayment =
reinvestment =
misjudgements =
appointments =
nourishment =
misgovernment =
announcement =
restatement =
indictments =
assignment =
bewilderment =
annulment =
achievements =
unemployment =

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