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9.23: Lesson Twenty-three

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How Do You Spell [d]?

1. You can hear the consonant sound [d] at the beginning and end of the word did. Underline the letters that spell [d] in the following words:

& \text{attendance} && \text{suicide} && \text{scolded} && \text{folder} \\& \text{bewilder} && \text{indict} && \text{debt} && \text{doughnut} \\& \text{evident} && \text{difficult} && \text{radio} && \text{decided} \\& \text{liquid} && \text{secluded} && \text{extend} && \text{correspond} \\& \text{building} && \text{crowded} && \text{divide} && \text{develop}

2. Sort the twenty words into these three groups. Some words will go into more than one group:

3. How is [d] spelled in all of these words? ___________. More than nine times out of ten [d] is spelled that way.

Crosswords. The following crossword puzzle contains only words from this lesson.


1. Fluid

6. A structure

8. Something owed

10. Confuse

12. Bawled out


2. Grow

3. A communication device

4. A round treat

5. Killing oneself

7. Hard, not easy

9. Stretch

11. Officially accuse

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