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9.4: The Prefix Com-

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The Prefix Com-

1. Many words contain some form of the prefix com-. The <m> in com- often assimilates when it is added to certain stems.

The first three letters in each of the following words are some form of the prefix com-. Sometimes the <m> has assimilated and sometimes it has not. Analyze each word into its prefix plus stem and show any assimilation that has taken place.

Word = Prefix + Stem
correspond = co\begin{align*}\cancel{m}\end{align*} + r + respond
combine =
companion =
collapse =
connect =
committee =
correct =
commercial =
collect =
college =
community =
company =

2. Sort the words into these two groups:

3. Now sort the six words in which the <m> did not assimilate into these two groups:

4. And now sort the six words in which the <m> assimilated into these three groups:

CrossWords. This crossword contains twelve words that contain some form of the prefix com-:


2. Pal

3. Working group

4. Gather

7. Link together

8. Neighborhood

9. Cave in


1. Agree with

3. School after high school

4. Mix together

5. TV advertisement

6. Not wrong

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