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9.6: More Words With Com-

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More Words With Com-

1. Here are twelve more words, all starting with some form of the prefix com-. Analyze each word into prefix plus stem —— and show any assimilations that take place:

Word = Prefix + Stem
contents = com + n + tents
completely =
confident =
compel =
contain =
compare =
correspond =
construct =
communities =
contract =
continent =
collapsed =

2. Sort the twelve words into these two groups:

3. The word accommodate contains an assimilated form of the prefix ad-, plus the prefix com-. Analyze it into its two prefixes and stem:

Word = Prefix1 + Prefix2 + Stem
accommodate = + +

4. The prefix com- means “with” or “together.” Each of the following words consists of some form of com- plus a base. In the right hand column we give you the meaning of each base. You should be ready to discuss how you think the meaning of the prefix and the base go together to lead to the meaning of each word:

Word Base and Its Meaning
contract tract = “Draw, pull”
collect lect = “Choose, gather, read”
connect nect = “Bind”
contain tain = “Hold”
compare pare = “Equal”
compel pel = “Push, drive, strike”
construct struct = “Pile up”
collide lide = “Strike”
contact tact = “Touch”
conduct duct = “Lead, bring”
combine bine = “Two by two, two each”

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