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9.8: Digraph Spellings of Long ‘oo’

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Digraph Spellings of Long ‘oo’

1. You have seen that the long ‘oo’ sound, [ū], is often spelled \begin{align*}<\text{u}>\end{align*} or <o>. It is also often spelled with combinations of two vowel letters. When two vowel letters work together as a team to spell a single vowel sound, they are called a digraph. In all but three of the following words [ū] is spelled with vowel digraphs. Underline the letters that spell [ū]:

\begin{align*}& \text{choose} && \text{through} && \text{loose} && \text{juice} && \text{knew} && \text{poodle} \\ & \text{suicide} && \text{too} && \text{you} && \text{suit} && \text{mood} && \text{boots} \\ & \text{coupon} && \text{bruise} && \text{threw} && \text{avenue} &&\text{lose} && \text{dew} \\ & \text{goose} && \text{groups} && \text{noodles} && \text{cruise} && \text{proof} && \text{routine} \\ & \text{chews} && \text{nuisance} && \text{smooth} && \text{cougar} && \text{jewel} && \text{brood}\end{align*}

2. Sort the words into these groups:

Words in which [ū] is spelled with the digraph . . .
<oo> <ou> <ui> <ew>

3. You have worked with six ways of spelling [ū]. Write them below and give at least one word that contains each spelling:

Spellings of [ū] Example Words

4. You have learned eight patterns, like VCC and VCV, for marking long and short vowels. Unfortunately, although these patterns are very useful when vowels are spelled by single letters, they are not useful when vowels are spelled with vowel digraphs. So vowel patterns like VCC and VCV cannot help when you are spelling vowel sounds with digraphs. But there are other kinds of patterns that can help, as we'll see in the next lesson.

Word Venn. All of the following words contain the sound [ū]. Into circle A put only those words that contain a digraph spelling of [ū]. Into circle B put only those words that contain an instance of final <e> deletion. Inside the rectangle but outside the circles put any other of the words in the list:

\begin{align*}&\text{approval} && \text{cougar} && \text{including} && \text{loosen} \\ & \text{assumed} && \text{coupon} && \text{jewelry} && \text{nuisance} \\ & \text{bruising} && \text{cruiser} && \text{juicy} && \text{ruble} \\ & \text{choosy} && \text{glued} && \text{junior} && \text{rumor} \\ & \text{consumer} && \text{improve} && \text{knew} && \text{shoe}\end{align*}

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