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4.1: Sometimes -s, Sometimes -es

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1. Usually when you use a noun to refer to more than one of something, you add the suffix _____.

The statement above is a good one, but there are some nouns for which it is not true. Sometimes when you want to refer to more than one of something, instead of adding -s, you add -es.

2. Some of the singular nouns below take -s to form their plural. Others take -es. Combine each singular noun with its suffix and write out the plural nouns. Show any cases of final <e> deletion:

Singular Noun + Suffix = Plural Noun
finger + s =
house + es =
box + es =
brush + es =
father + s =
dance + es =
catch + es =
guess + es =
place + es =
speech + es =
pitch + es =
phone + s =
waltz + es =
surprise + es =
inch + es =

4. Sort the fifteen singular nouns into the following two groups:

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