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5.13: Sometimes -s is [z], Sometimes [s]

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1. Each of the following verbs ends with the suffix -s. Say each one carefully:

\begin{align*} &\text{gives} &&\text{keeps} &&\text{talks} &&\text{grows} &&\text{waits} &&\text{strikes}\\ &\text{holds} &&\text{says} &&\text{resounds} &&\text{sniffs} &&\text{digests} &&\text{unearths}\\ &\text{elects} &&\text{unlocks} &&\text{coughs} &&\text{weighs} &&\text{fastens} &&\text{seems}\end{align*}

2. Sort the verbs into these two groups:

3. Analyze each of the verbs in which -s is pronounced [s] into its free stem and suffix:

Verbs with -s pronounced [s] = Free Stem + Suffix
elects = +
keeps = +
unlocks = +
talks = +
coughs = +
sniffs = +
waits = +
digests = +
strikes = +
unearths = +

Each of the free stems above should end with the sounds [p], [t], [f], [th], or [k].

4. When the suffix -s is added to a verb that ends in [p], [t], [f], [th], or [k], the -s is pronounced ______. Everywhere else the suffix -s is pronounced [z].

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