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Chapter 4: Name That Line

Difficulty Level: Advanced Created by: CK-12


In this chapter you learn about relations defined by \begin{align*}y=mx+b\end{align*}. You will learn how to rewrite an equation given in the form \begin{align*}Ax +By+C=0\end{align*} in the form \begin{align*}y=mx+b\end{align*}. You will learn to graph \begin{align*}y=mx+b\end{align*} by using the point-slope method as well as how to write the equation of a line from the graph by determining the slope and the \begin{align*}y-\end{align*}intercept.

To write the equation of a line, you must know the slope and the \begin{align*}y-\end{align*}intercept of the line. In this chapter you will learn how to calculate the slope of a line from two given points on the line, from a given equation, from a point on the line and the \begin{align*}y-\end{align*}intercept and from the relationship between special lines. In addition, you will learn how to determine the \begin{align*}y-\end{align*}intercept of a line algebraically.

When these basic concepts have been mastered, you will learn how to determine the equation of lines that are parallel and perpendicular to the \begin{align*}x\end{align*} and \begin{align*}y\end{align*} axis or to other lines.

Finally, all of the concepts will be applied to problems that use linear functions as a model.


In this chapter you will do the following lessons:

  • The Slope of a Line from a Graph or from Two Points
  • The Equation of a Line in Slope-Intercept Form
  • Graphing the Linear Functions \begin{align*}y=mx+b; \ y=a; \ x=a\end{align*}
  • Determining the Equation of a line from the Graph
  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
  • Linear Function as a Model

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Chapter Summary

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