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Chapter 10: Is It a Slide, a Flip, or a Turn?

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In this chapter you will learn how algebra and geometry are connected by examining transformational geometry done on a Cartesian grid. Algebra can be used to describe the transformations of geometric shapes. The transformations that you will learn will include translations, reflections, rotations and dilatations. When you have learned how to perform these transformations, you will then advance to performing combinations of transformations. The last step will be to learn how to recognize the various types of transformations and how to justify those transformations.


In this chapter you will do the following lessons:

  • Translations of geometric shapes
  • Reflections of geometric shapes
  • Rotations of geometric shapes
  • Dilatations of geometric shapes
  • Composite Transformations
  • Formulas for Justifying Transformations
  • How do you know?

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