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Chapter 12: Rigid Transformations

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The final chapter of Geometry transforms a figure by moving, flipping, or rotating it. First, we will look at symmetry, followed by the different transformations.

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This chapter discusses transformations of figures in the two-dimensional space. It begins with an explanation of reflection and rotation symmetry. The chapter then branches out to discuss the different types of transformations: translation (sliding a figure to a new position), rotation (rotating a figure with respect to an axis), and reflection (flipping a figure along a line of symmetry). Now that the different types of basic transformations are discussed, the composition of these actions to create a new type of transformation is explored. The chapter wraps up with a detailed presentation of tessellations and regular polygons.

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8 , 9 , 10
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May 11, 2016
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Jun 09, 2016
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