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2.7: Conditional Probability

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conditional probability

The probability of a particular dependent event  given the outcome of the event on which it occurs.

conditional probability formula

The conditional probability formula is P(A/B) = P(AUB)/P(B)

Dependent Events

In probability situations, dependent events are events where one outcome impacts the probability of the other.

Favorable Outcome

A favorable outcome is the outcome that you are looking for in an experiment.

Independent Events

Two events are independent if the occurrence of one event does not impact the probability of the other event.

Multiplication Rule

States that for 2 events (A and B), the probability of A and B is given by: P(A and B) = P(A) x P(B).

Mutually Exclusive Events

Mutually exclusive events have no common outcomes.

Sample Space

In a probability experiment, the sample space is the set of all the possible outcomes of the experiment.

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