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26.20: T

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the average kinetic energy of the particles that make up a material
theoretical yield
the amount of product that could be formed from a chemical reaction based on the balanced chemical equation
an explanation that summarizes a hypothesis or a set of hypotheses and has been supported with repeated testing
thin-layer chromatography
a method of chromatography that uses silica gel or a similar inert material on a glass microscope slide or plastic sheet to which the mixture is applied
threshold energy
the minimum amount of energy necessary for a reaction to take place
the solution of known concentration used in a titration
the process in which a known concentration of base (or acid) is added to a solution of acid (or base) of unknown concentration
titration curve
a graph of the pH versus the volume of titrant added
unit of pressure, equivalent to 1 mm of Hg
transition elements
Groups 3 – 12 of the periodic table
triple bond
a bond in which three pairs of electrons are shared
lowest point in a wave pattern (low point of a valley)
Tyndall effect
the scattering of light by particles

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