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26.18: R

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rate-determining step
the slowest step in a multi-step reaction
rate of reaction
the measure at which the products are formed over a time interval or the rate at which the reactants are consumed over a time interval
the starting materials in a reaction
reaction mechanism
the series of elementary reactions describing what occurs in a multi-step reaction
real gas
a gas that does not follow the ideal gas laws, which is generally the case for gases at high pressures or low temperatures
redox reaction
short for oxidation-reduction reaction, a chemical reaction that involves electrons being transferred from one substance to another
reducing agent
the substance in a redox reaction that loses electrons or increases its oxidation state
the gain of electrons or decrease in oxidation state in a chemical reaction
a condition occurring when more than one valid Lewis structure can be written for a particular molecule; the actual electronic structure is not represented by any one of the Lewis structures but by the average of all of them
retention factor
the ratio of the distance a substance moves up the stationary phase to the distance the solvent have moved
reversible reaction
a reaction that can also proceed in the reverse direction

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