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26.9: I

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ideal gas
a gas that follows the universal gas law and satisfies the two assumptions that molecules are points that do not take up any space and that there are no attractions between molecules; this is generally true for gases at low pressure and high temperature
liquids that do not have the ability to dissolve in each other
describes the inability of molecules in a substance to be compacted (pushed closer together)
substance used to determine the relative acidity or basicity of a solution, generally through a very distinct color change
ionizing power
ability of radiation to damage molecules
unable to dissolve
instantaneous rate
the rate of change at a particular time interval
internal energy
total energy contained in a thermodynamic system; often called enthalpy
the addition of two or more waves that result in a new wave pattern
International System of Units (Le Système International d’ Unites)
the internationally agreed upon standard metric system, also abbreviated as the SI system (derived from the French name)
the process of estimating values between measured values
an atom with a positive or negative charge
ion product constant for water, Kw
the product of the hydronium ion and the hydroxide ion concentrations in the autoionization of water
ionic bond
the electrostatic attraction between ions resulting from the transfer of electrons from one of the bonding atoms to the other
ionic conduction
movement of ions through solution
ionic equation
chemical equation written such that the actual free ions are shown for each species in aqueous form
ionization energy
the energy required to remove the most loosely held electron from a gaseous atom or ion
irreversible reaction
a reaction that continues to form products until reactants are fully consumed
atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons

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