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CK-12 Chemistry - Basic

Difficulty Level: Basic Created by: CK-12
Table of Contents

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  • 1.

    Introduction to Chemistry

    This chapter covers an introduction into the world of chemistry - its history and applications as well as the scientific method.

  • 2.

    Matter and Change

    This chapter covers matter - its properties, classification, and changes.

  • 3.


    This chapter covers measurement - units, unit conversions, error, and uncertainty.

  • 4.

    Atomic Structure

    This chapter covers evolution of the atomic model, atomic theories, structure of the atom, isotopes, and atomic mass.

  • 5.

    Electrons in Atoms

    This chapter covers the properties of light, the Bohr Model, quantum mechanics, and the electron arrangement in atoms.

  • 6.

    The Periodic Table

    This chapter covers the periodic table - its history, trends, organization, and classification.

  • 7.

    Chemical Nomenclature

    This chapter covers ionic compounds, molecular compounds, acids, and bases.

  • 8.

    Ionic and Metallic Bonding

    This chapter covers ions, ionic bonds, ionic compounds, metals, and metallic bonds.

  • 9.

    Covalent Bonding

    This chapter covers Lewis electron dot structures, covalent bonds, molecular geometry, VSEPR theory, polarity in chemical bonds, electronegativity, intermolecular forces, hybridization, and molecular orbitals.

  • 10.

    The Mole

    This chapter covers the mole concept, Avogadro’s number, mass, volume, moles, and chemical formulas.

  • 11.

    Chemical Reactions

    This chapter covers chemical equations, chemical reactions.

  • 12.


    This chapter covers relationships among amounts of materials in a chemical reaction.

  • 13.

    States of Matter

    This chapter covers the three phases of matter – solid, liquid, and gas.

  • 14.

    The Properties of Gases

    This chapter covers basic gas laws and the behavior of gases.

  • 15.


    This chapter covers properties of water as a solvent and a reactant

  • 16.


    This chapter covers properties of water containing dissolved materials.

  • 17.


    This chapter covers formation and use of chemical energy.

  • 18.


    This chapter covers factors affecting the rate of a chemical reaction.

  • 19.

    Chemical Equilibrium

    This chapter covers balance of concentrations between reactants and products.

  • 20.

    Entropy and Free Energy

    This chapter covers energy relationships in chemical reactions.

  • 21.

    Acids and Bases

    This chapter covers definitions and properties of acids and bases.

  • 22.

    Oxidation Reduction Reactions

    This chapter covers chemical reactions involving movement of electrons.

  • 23.


    This chapter covers applications of oxidation-reduction reactions.

  • 24.

    Nuclear Chemistry

    This chapter covers changes in atomic structure at the nuclear level.

  • 25.

    Organic Chemistry

    This chapter covers reactions of carbon compounds.

  • 26.


    This chapter covers chemical processes in living systems.

  • 27.


    This chapter covers definitions of terms.

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Date Created:
Apr 30, 2013
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Jun 15, 2016
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