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27.4: D

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Dalton’s law of partial pressures
States that the total pressure of the mixture is the sum of the partial pressures of each gas component.
decomposition reaction
The exact opposite of a combination process. A chemical species breaks down to produce two new chemical species. The general expression for this reaction is C → A + B.
deductive reasoning
Takes a general principle and then draws a specific conclusion from the general concept.
Chemical reaction that results in a loss of water.
When an alkene is acquired by an alkyl halide during an organic reaction. An example of elimination reaction.
An expression of the amount of space occupied by a given mass of a substance.
derived unit
Combinations of base units.
dew point
Temperature needed for water vapor to condense into water.
diatomic gas
Where two nitrogen atoms are held together by triple bonds.
The rate at which two gases mix. Inversely proportional to the density of the gas.
Process requires adding more solvent to the initial concentrated solution.
dimensional analysis
A technique that uses the units (dimensions) of the measurement in order to correctly solve problems.
Composed of two monosaccharides
discontinuous theory of matter
Believed matter was actually finite and not limitless.
dispersed phase
A substance in the colloidal stage.
dispersion force
Attractive forces that arise as a result of temporary dipoles induced in atoms or molecules. Also referred to as van der Waals forces or interactions.
dispersion medium
The medium where a disperse phase is distributed.
When ions break apart from a lattice and go into solution.
The process where water interacts with the ions within the crystal lattice, causing the lattice to break apart.
When one substance dissolves in another. This process requires there be a solvent and a solute that interact to produce a homogeneous solution.
A purification process where the components of a liquid mixture are vaporized and then condensed and isolated.
Deoxyribonucleic acid. Consists of two chains of nucleotides that connect to one another in a double helix. Contains the genetic information for the accurate production of proteins.
double displacement
Typically includes two soluble salts that react with one another in aqueous media. The general form of this reaction is AB + CD → AD + CB.
dry cell battery
Uses a paste in a casing containing two different metals.
Can be stretched, bent, or twisted without breaking.

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