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Fahrenheit scale
The most commonly used scale in the United States, defines the normal freezing point and boiling point of water as 32°F and 212°F, respectively.
fatty acid
Are cleaved from triglycerides in the small intestine.
A method used to separate substances in mixtures where at least one component has particles that are large enough in size to be captured by a porous material.
first law of thermodynamics
Energy can be converted from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.
first-order reaction
The rate is dependent upon the reactant concentration raised to the first power.
Nuclear fission reactions involve collision of a slow neuron with an element, usually uranium. The products of a fission reaction are two smaller isotopes, more neutrons, and heat energy.
Ability to do work.
formula mass
The sum of masses of all the atoms represented in a chemical formula.
free element
Uncombined state where each atom has an oxidation number of zero.
freezing point depression
The addition of solute to a pure solvent will decrease the freezing point of the solution by a measurable amount.
Inversely proportional to wavelength. Photons with high frequency light have more energy than photons with low frequency light (Zukav 1979).
A solid form of water.
fuel cell
Employ oxidation-reduction reactions of hydrogen and oxygen gases ad a platinum catalyst.
functional group
In a compound, a group of atoms that define the behavior of the compound.
This reactions are a potential source of power. Involves the collision of smaller atoms to form larger ones. Nuclear fusion reactions occur in stars.

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