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27.6: F

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film badge
A device that consists of several layers of photographic film that can measure the exposure to radiation of the wearer.
Technique that separates the solid from the liquid in a heterogeneous mixture.
first-order reaction
A reaction in which the rate is proportional to the concentration of only one reactant.
A substance that is capable of flowing from one place to another and takes the shape of its container.
formula mass
The sum of masses of all the atoms represented in a chemical formula.
formula unit
The lowest whole number ratio of ions represented in an ionic compound.
free energy
Energy that is available to do work; free energy is a combination of enthalpy and entropy and is used to determine spontaneity of a reaction.
freezing point depression
The difference in temperature between the freezing point of the pure solvent and that of the solution.
frequency (\begin{align*}\nu\end{align*})
Number of waves that pass a certain point in a specified amount of time.
fuel cell
An electrochemical cell that requires a continuous supply of reactants to keep functioning.
functional group
An atom or group of atoms that is primarily responsible for the properties and reactions of a given organic compound.

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