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26.2: B

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background radiation
radiation that comes from environment sources including the earth's crust, the atmosphere, cosmic rays, and radioisotopes
balanced chemical equation
a chemical equation in which the number of each type of atom is equal on the two sides of the equation
an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure
base unit
a unit that cannot be expressed in terms of other units, such as the gram (base unit of mass), the meter (base unit of length), and the liter (base unit of volume)
basic salt
a salt formed in a neutralization reaction between a weak acid and a strong base
benzene ring
equivalent resonance structures representing a 6-carbon ring with alternating C-C double bonds
beta decay
a common mode of radioactive decay in which a nucleus emits beta particles
beta particle
a high speed electron, specifically an electron of nuclear origin
binding energy
the amount of energy that holds a nucleus together and also the amount of energy required to decompose a nucleus into its component nucleons
the study of the structure and properties of molecules in living organisms
black body radiation
the energy that would be emitted from an ideal black body.
boiling point elevation
the difference in the boiling points of the pure solvent and the solution
bond energy
the energy required to break a given chemical bond
bond length
the distance between the nuclei of the two atoms connected by a bond
Boyle's law
describes the relationship between the pressure and volume of a gas
Brønsted-Lowry acid
a substance that donates a proton (H+)
Brønsted-Lowry base
a substance that accepts a proton (H+)
a solution of a weak acid and its conjugate base or a weak base and its conjugate acid that resists changes in pH when an acid or base is added to it

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