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26.14: N

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
natural indicator
an indicator that is a naturally occurring substance
natural radioactivity
the radioactivity that occurs naturally, as opposed to induced radioactivity; also known as spontaneous fission
net ionic equation
the overall equation that results when spectator ions are removed from the ionic equation
nuclear symbol
contains the symbol for the element and the numbers that relate to the number of protons and neutrons in that particular nucleus
a collective name for neutrons and protons
neutral salt
a salt formed in a neutralization reaction between a strong acid and a strong base or a weak acid and a weak base
a reaction between an acid and a base that produces water and a salt
a subatomic particle with no charge
noble gases
Group 8A of the periodic table
a solution that does not contain ions and is not capable of conducting an electric current
non-spontaneous event (or reaction)
an unfavorable reaction that requires an external energy source in order for the reaction to take place
nuclear charge
the number of protons in the nucleus
the center of the atom

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