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4.7: Earth's Tectonic Plates

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What do you get when you combine continental drift and seafloor spreading?

Plate tectonics! In the next two concepts, we will analyze those words. What is a plate? What is tectonics? Then we put it together. Alfred Wegener, who died on the Greenland ice sheet at the age of 50, didn't live to.

What is a Plate?

What portion of Earth makes up the “plates” in plate tectonics? Again, the answer came about in part due to war. In this case, the Cold War. The scientists set up seismometer networks during the 1950s and early 1960s. The purpose was to see if other nations were testing atomic bombs. Since seismometers measure ground shaking, they also recorded earthquakes.

Using Earthquakes

The seismographs located earthquake epicenters. The epicenter is the point on Earth’s surface directly above the place where an earthquake occurs.

When earthquake epicenters are put on a map, they outline the plates . This is because the earthquakes where the plates come into contact with each other. Earthquakes are found primarily in lines around the edges of some continents. They are also found through the centers of some oceans. Some occur in patches in some land areas.

Lithospheric Plates

If you look at the map pictured below, you will see that the lithosphere is divided into plates ( Figure below ). There are a dozen major and several minor plates. Each plate is named for the continent or ocean basin it contains. Some plates are made of all oceanic lithosphere. A few are all continental lithosphere. But most plates are made of a combination of both. Notice the locations where the most earthquake epicenters are found.

A map of earthquake epicenters, which outline the plates

A map of earthquake epicenters. The outlines of the lithospheric plates can be seen.

Plates of lithosphere sink into the asthenosphere. The asthenosphere, which is part of the upper mantle, is solid but can flow. If a weight is added to a plate, like a glacier, the plate will sink into the mantle. If the weight is taken away, like when the glacier melts, the plate will rise. This happens slowly over long periods of time.


  • epicenter : Point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus of the earthquake.
  • plate : Slab of Earth's lithosphere that can move around on the planet's surface.
  • seismometer : Equipment that measures seismic waves and other ground motions.


  • A plate is a large chunk of lithosphere. There are a dozen major plates and several minor plates.
  • A plate can carry continental crust, oceanic crust, or some of each.
  • Plates can be identified by the locations of earthquake epicenters.

Explore More

Use the resource below to answer the questions that follow.

  1. Which two plates meet in California?
  2. What occurs where two plates meet?
  3. What is a mid-ocean ridge?
  4. What is a strike-slip fault?
  5. What occurs at strike-slip faults?
  6. What evidence of the movement of the plates can be seen on the beach in Southern California where this video was filmed?


  1. How did scientists draw boundaries around the plates?
  2. What is a plate?
  3. What is plate made of?

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How do they move? What are the three types of plate boundaries?", "authors": "Eilis Cerda", "ownerID": 3, "isExternal": 0, "resourceRevisionID": 5971195, "license": "CC BY NC SA", "created": "2012-09-20T23:19:59-07:00", "publishTime": "2013-09-06T17:52:40-07:00", "originalName": "Earth's_Tectonic_Plates.docx", "isAttachment": 1}], "creator": "CK-12", "labels": [], "file": "8501", "id": 2676267, "statistics": {"downloads": 103}, "isFavorite": false, "title": "Earth's Tectonic Plates", "creatorAuthID": 3, "offset": 32, "children": [], "parents": [[2684218, 1], [2696445, 1], [2696452, 1], [2696462, 1], [2696463, 1], [2699873, 1], [2699884, 1], [2716998, 1], [2696276, 2], [2696296, 2], [2713153, 2], [2737349, 2], [2676300, 7], [2679660, 7], [2679804, 7], [2723832, 7], [2723915, 7], [2729133, 7], [2768539, 7], [2751901, 14]], "isLatest": true, "revision": "33", "artifactRevisionID": 2676267, "handle": "Earths-Tectonic-Plates", "creatorID": 3, "authors": [{"roleID": 3, "sequence": 1, "role": "author", "name": "Dana Desonie, Ph.D.", "artifactID": 7957}], "artifactID": 7957, "resourceCounts": {"web": 6, "reading": 1, "allVideos": 0, "lessonplan": 1, "image": 4, "cover page": 1, "studyguide": 1, "quiz": 1, "allAttachments": 15, "attachment": 2, "pdf": 1, "cthink": 1, "contents": 1, "interactive": 2}, "language": "English", "created": "2014-08-25T14:14:13-07:00", "summary": "Earth's tectonic plates and how they move.", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341.L.1", "published": "2014-09-23T13:09:51-07:00", "pdf": ["/flx/show/pdf/Earths-Tectonic-Plates_l_v33_bb8_s1.pdf"], "artifactType": "lesson"}], "realm": null, "title": "Earth's Tectonic Plates", "standardGrid": {}, "creatorAuthID": 3, "exerciseCount": 0, "feedbacks": {"rating": {"count": 0, "average": 0, "1": 0, "3": 0, "2": 0, "5": 0, "4": 0}, "voting": {"dislike": 0, "like": 4}}, "gradeGrid": [], "subjectGrid": [], "internalTagGrid": [], "tagGrid": [], "messageToUsers": null, "type": {"modality": true, "extensionType": "L", "description": "The lesson artifact", "name": "lesson", "id": 3}, "searchGrid": [], "artifactRevisionID": 2676267, "handle": "Earths-Tectonic-Plates", "vocabulary": [{"languageCode": "en", "languageName": "English"}, {"languageCode": "es", "languageName": "Spanish"}], "isModality": 1, "revisionInLibrary": null, "foundationGrid": [], "stateGrid": [], "creatorID": 3, "authors": [{"roleID": 3, "sequence": 1, "role": "author", "name": "Dana Desonie, Ph.D.", "artifactID": 7957}], "artifactID": 7957, "latestRevision": "33", "license": "CC BY NC", "created": "2012-02-24T04:19:47-08:00", "coverImage": "/flx/show/cover%20page/3a1c8824efa2f95f6093e3beeb44b30a-201408251408999739861914-201408251409001246738431.jpg", "level": "at grade", "latestRevisionID": 2676267, "modified": "2014-09-23T13:09:51-07:00", "summary": "Earth's tectonic plates and how they move.", "coverImageSatelliteUrl": "https://dr282zn36sxxg.cloudfront.net/datastreams/f-d%3A72a443f5f7d3c26935f9bebe2fc15db855eef36dfc92357e9e7315ba%2BIMAGE%2BIMAGE.1", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341.L.1", "artifactType": "lesson"}]}, "isModality": 1, "modality": {"artifact_type": "lesson", "weight_teacher": 10, "student_show": true, "display_label": "Read", "weight_student": 10}, "revisionInLibrary": null, "coverImageThumbLarge": "/flx/show/THUMB_LARGE/cover%20page/e66704cb4a6892c795ed7d1b44bc8426-201408241408904080999610-201408241408904883414819.jpg", "modality_display_label": "Read", "hasXhtml": true, "foundationGrid": [[944, "Earth's Tectonic Plates", "SCI.ESC.341", "Earths-Tectonic-Plates"]], "stateGrid": [[1937, "CA"]], "extendedArtifacts": {}, "creatorID": 3, "authors": [{"roleID": 3, "sequence": 1, "role": "author", "name": "Dana Desonie, Ph.D.", "artifactID": 1131132}], "post": {"section": {"4.8": {"domain": {"term": "Tectonic Plate Motions", "handle": "Tectonic-Plate-Motions", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "Earth's Tectonic Plates", "handle": "Earths-Tectonic-Plates", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "Plate Tectonics through Earth History", "handle": "Plate-Tectonics-through-Earth-History", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "Earth as a Planet", "handle": "Earth-as-a-Planet", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "Science", "handle": "Science", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "root", "handle": "root", "description": null, "encodedID": "CKT", "branch": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://www.ck12.org/media/images/modality_generic_icons/concept_gicon.png", "from": "domain", "subject": "CKT", "type": "domain", "id": 1, "name": "root"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/introduction-to-animals.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI", "branch": null, "parentID": 1, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 9, "name": "Science"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "branchInfo": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "name": "Earth Science"}, "name": "Earth Science"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earth-as-a-planet.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.300", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 12, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 918, "branchInfo": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "name": "Earth Science"}, "name": "Earth as a Planet"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/plate-tectonics-through-earth-history.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.340", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 918, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 943, "branchInfo": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "name": "Earth Science"}, "name": "Plate Tectonics through Earth History"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earths-tectonic-plates.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 943, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 944, "branchInfo": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "name": "Earth Science"}, "name": "Earth's Tectonic Plates"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/tectonic-plate-motions.png", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341.1", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 944, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 24796, "branchInfo": {"term": "Earth Science", "handle": "Earth-Science", "description": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/earthscience.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC", "branch": "ESC", "parentID": 9, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 12, "name": "Earth Science"}, "name": "Tectonic Plate Motions"}, "creator": "CK-12", "contributor": null, "lastRead": null, "perma": "/lesson/Tectonic-Plate-Motions", "id": 1131134, "realm": null, "title": "Tectonic Plate Motions", "creatorAuthID": 3, "exerciseCount": 0, "feedbacks": {"rating": {"count": 0, "average": 0, "1": 0, "3": 0, "2": 0, "5": 0, "4": 0}, "voting": {"dislike": 2, "like": 3}}, "gradeGrid": [[2080, "6"], [1935, "7"]], "subjectGrid": [[3568, "science"], [3595, "Earth Science"]], "internalTagGrid": [], "messageToUsers": null, "type": {"modality": true, "extensionType": "L", "description": "The lesson artifact", "name": "lesson", "id": 3}, "searchGrid": [], "revision": "31", "artifactRevisionID": 2671973, "handle": "Tectonic-Plate-Motions", "isModality": 1, "revisionInLibrary": null, "hasXhtml": true, "stateGrid": [[1937, "CA"]], "extendedArtifacts": {}, "creatorID": 3, "authors": [{"roleID": 3, "sequence": 1, "role": "author", "name": "Dana Desonie, Ph.D.", "artifactID": 1131134}], "artifactID": 1131134, "latestRevision": "31", "license": "CC BY NC", "created": "2013-01-04T16:02:45-08:00", "coverImage": "/flx/show/cover%20page/142507b198bfd2fe3c367791750083c5-201408241408904081028921-201408241408904891843032.jpg", "level": "basic", "latestRevisionID": 2671973, "modified": "2014-10-06T19:56:34-07:00", "summary": "Earth's tectonic plates and how they move.", "coverImageSatelliteUrl": "https://dr282zn36sxxg.cloudfront.net/datastreams/f-d%3A28e7674a9ca6c10c716a82ceabe560ff4bc505ca483ba7b374a44abe%2BIMAGE%2BIMAGE.1", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341.1.L.1", "artifactType": "lesson"}}, "parent": null}, "level": "basic", "vocabulary_info": null, "artifactID": 1131132, "latestRevision": "31", "contributed_by": "", "license": "CC BY NC", "tagGrid": [[5930, "Plate"], [5936, "Plate Tectonics"], [5949, "Epicenter"], [7377, "plate boundaries"], [16758, "SCI.ESC.341.L.2"]], "coverImage": "/flx/show/cover%20page/e66704cb4a6892c795ed7d1b44bc8426-201408241408904080999610-201408241408904883414819.jpg", "created": "2013-01-04T16:02:38-08:00", "latestRevisionID": 2671970, "modified": "2014-10-06T19:56:33-07:00", "summary": "Earth's tectonic plates and how they move.", "coverImageSatelliteUrl": "https://dr282zn36sxxg.cloudfront.net/datastreams/f-d%3Af9609dc660e2bfcf51d7238a57eac472c183ae64dee8214618f21851%2BIMAGE%2BIMAGE.1", "encodedID": "SCI.ESC.341.L.2", "standardGrid": {}, "artifactType": "lesson", "url_mobi": null}; window.context_json_encoded = {"domain": {"term": "Science", "handle": "Science", "description": null, "parent": {"term": "root", "handle": "root", "description": null, "encodedID": "CKT", "branch": null, "previewImageUrl": "http://www.ck12.org/media/images/modality_generic_icons/concept_gicon.png", "from": "domain", "subject": "CKT", "type": "domain", "id": 1, "name": "root"}, "previewImageUrl": "http://concepts.ck12.org/preview/introduction-to-animals.jpg", "encodedID": "SCI", "branch": null, "parentID": 1, "from": "domain", "subject": "SCI", "type": "domain", "id": 9, "name": "Science"}, "creator": "CK-12", "labels": [], "contributor": null, "handle": "CK-12-Earth-Science-Concepts-For-Middle-School", "perma": "book/CK-12-Earth-Science-Concepts-For-Middle-School/", "url_pdf": ["/flx/show/pdf/CK-12-Earth-Science-Concepts-For-Middle-School_b_v74_dsz_s1.pdf"], "url_epub": "/flx/show/epub/CK-12-Earth-Science-Concepts-For-Middle-School_b_v74_4ze.epub", "feedbacks": {"rating": {"count": 0, "average": 0, "1": 0, "3": 0, "2": 0, "5": 0, "4": 0}, "voting": {"dislike": 7, "like": 40}}, "conceptNode": "CK.SCI.ENG.SE", "realm": null, "resourceCounts": {"allVideos": 0, "cover page": 1, "answer key": 14, "allAttachments": 14, "contents": 1, "pdf": 1, "epub": 1}, "title": "CK-12 Earth Science Concepts For Middle School", "coverImageThumbSmall": "/flx/show/THUMB_SMALL/cover%20page/CK12_MS_ES_CC_Cover-201311181384819020317951.jpg", "standardGrid": {}, "creatorAuthID": 3, "exerciseCount": 0, "id": 1131638, "gradeGrid": [[2080, "6"], [1935, "7"]], "handle-encoded": true, "subjectGrid": [[3568, "science"], [3595, "Earth Science"]], "internalTagGrid": [], "messageToUsers": "Teachers and parents can access additional teaching materials from the Resources Tab above.", "isLatest": true, "xhtml": "\n\n \n \n \n \n

\n Front Matter\n


\n Foreword\n


\n Earth science is the study of planet Earth. The CK-12 Earth Science Concept Collection For Middle School presents Earth science as a set of 14 chapters, each centered around a general area of study, such as plate tectonics or atmospheric processes. Each chapter is broken down into concepts. Each concept is a mini-lesson that addresses one specific topic or key objective. The complete CK-12 Earth Science Concept Collection For Middle School is comprised of 308 concepts.\n


\n Preface\n


\n Dedication\n


\n Chapters\n

\n \n

\n Back Matter\n

\n \n\n", "type": {"modality": false, "extensionType": "FB", "description": "The book artifact (student or default edition)", "name": "book", "id": 1}, "searchGrid": [], "revision": "74", "artifactRevisionID": 2678795, "lastRead": null, "isModality": 0, "revisionInLibrary": null, "coverImageThumbLarge": "/flx/show/THUMB_LARGE/cover%20page/CK12_MS_ES_CC_Cover-201311181384819020317951.jpg", "hasXhtml": true, "foundationGrid": [[9, "Science", "SCI", "Science"], [12, "Earth Science", "SCI.ESC", "Earth-Science"]], "stateGrid": [[1937, "CA"]], "extendedArtifacts": {}, "creatorID": 3, "authors": [{"roleID": 3, "sequence": 1, "role": "author", "name": "Dana Desonie, Ph.D.", "artifactID": 1131638}], "level": "basic", "artifactID": 1131638, "latestRevision": "74", "contributed_by": "", "license": "CC BY NC", "tagGrid": [[5557, "Earth Science"], [8268, "concepts"], [10091, "middle school"], [17311, "CK.SCI.ENG.SE.1.CK-12-Middle-School-Concept-Earth-Science"]], "coverImage": "/flx/show/cover%20page/CK12_MS_ES_CC_Cover-201311181384819020317951.jpg", "created": "2013-01-04T16:35:15-08:00", "latestRevisionID": 2678795, "modified": "2014-09-26T17:56:28-07:00", "summary": "Earth Science concepts for middle school.", "coverImageSatelliteUrl": "https://dr282zn36sxxg.cloudfront.net/datastreams/f-d%3A15527872df5d034f05aebb1b78f6a0168feff6ed3575551c716d4311%2BCOVER_PAGE%2BCOVER_PAGE.1", "encodedID": "CK.SCI.ENG.SE.1.CK-12-Middle-School-Concept-Earth-Science", "artifactType": "book", "url_mobi": null};
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