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10.7: Study Guide

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Keywords: Define, write theorems, and/or draw a diagram for each word below.

1^{st} Section: Triangles and Parallelograms


Area of a Rectangle: A = bh

Perimeter of a Rectangle P = 2b + 2h

Perimeter of a Square: P = 4s

Area of a Square: A = s^2

Congruent Areas Postulate

Area Addition Postulate

Area of a Parallelogram: A = bh

Area of a Triangle: A = \frac{1}{2} \ bh or A = \frac{bh}{2}


2^{nd} Section: Trapezoids, Rhombi, and Kites

Area of a Trapezoid: A = \frac{1}{2} h(b_1 + b_2)

Area of a Rhombus: A = \frac{1}{2} d_1 d_2

Area of a Kite: A = \frac{1}{2} d_1 d_2


3^{rd} Section: Area of Similar Polygons

Area of Similar Polygons Theorem


4^{th} Section: Circumference and Arc Length


Circumference: C = \pi d or C = 2 \pi r

Arc Length

Arc Length Formula: length of \widehat{A B} = \frac{m \widehat{A B}}{360^\circ} \cdot \pi d or \frac{m \widehat{A B}}{360^\circ} \cdot 2 \pi r


5^{th} Section: Area of Circles and Sectors

Area of a Circle: A = \pi r^2


Area of a Sector: A = \frac{m \widehat{A B}}{360^\circ} \cdot \pi r^2

Segment of a Circle


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