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CK-12 Geometry Concepts - Honors

Difficulty Level: Advanced Created by: CK-12
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Table of Contents

  • 1.

    Basics of Geometry

    Review the basics of geometry including angles, lines, shapes and solids.

  • 2.

    Rigid Transformations

    Explore transformations by hand and with dynamic geometry software.

  • 3.


    Use rigid transformations to derive five criteria for triangle congruence. Solve problems using congruent triangles.

  • 4.

    Reasoning and Proof

    Write proofs of theorems about lines, angles, triangles, and quadrilaterals in the paragraph format, two-column format, and flow diagram format.

  • 5.


    Create formal geometric constructions by hand and with dynamic geometry software.

  • 6.


    Consider dilations and similar figures. Prove theorems involving similarity and explore special right triangles.

  • 7.


    Use similar triangles to understand the trigonometric ratios. Use trigonometric ratios to solve problems involving both right and non-right triangles.

  • 8.


    Derive the formulas for area and circumference of circles. Investigate the angles, shapes, and lines that are related to circles.

  • 9.

    Three Dimensions

    Derive volume formulas using Cavalieri's principle. Explore modeling, density, and design problems.

  • 10.

    Conics and Coordinate Geometry

    Explore conic sections. Connect algebra and geometry with coordinate proofs.

  • 11.

    Applications of Probability

    Calculate probabilities of events, unions, and intersections. Use probability to analyze games and decisions.

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Date Created:
Jun 26, 2013
Last Modified:
Aug 02, 2016
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