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Chapter 3: Molecular Biology and Genetics

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Why is heredity so important?

Genetics is the study of inheritance. Inheritance is the passing of traits from parents to offspring. How are these traits "passed"? Through DNA, which is the genetic material of all organisms. This concept will focus on genetics, inheritance, and DNA.

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Molecular Biology and Genetics focuses on DNA and how proteins are made, and how genetic information is passed from one generation to the next. DNA is the genetic material, which is the material passed from parents to offspring. It also contains the information used to make RNA. RNA leaves the nucleus and, together with a ribosome, makes proteins. Beginning with Mendel's pea plants, genetics has become one of the most important fields of biology. Human genetics affects many, if not every, field of medicine. Technologies associated with genetics are involved in developing products to make our lives better but have raised a number of ethical, legal, and social issues.

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