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Chapter 7: Sequences, Series, and Mathematical Induction

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Sequences and series are really just patterns of numbers, and numerical patterns are everywhere. Patterns are found in the growth of trees, the enrollment in an online group, the movement of a bird, the layout of atoms in a crystal, and a million other places.

Understanding how numerical patterns work is a fundamental step toward predicting future events. Imagine using numbers to predict the best way to throw a baseball, or pick the best pitcher out of a collection of free agents. Number series appear in the way people choose to buy products, or donate money.

In this chapter, you will explore the topics above and will learn to both use formulas designed to help you create series, and create formulas from series in order to predict later members of sequences.

Chapter Outline

Chapter Summary


This chapter covers the application and creation of arithmetic and geometric formulas. Students are introduced to Sigma (sum) notation and are taught to calculate the sum of a partial or infinite series.

Later in the chapter, students will learn about induction and inductive proofs. The chapter wraps up with combinations/permutations and factorials and an introduction to the binomial theorem and binomial expansion.

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