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Chapter 2: Analyzing Polynomial and Rational Functions

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In this section, you will be exploring different methods of using functions to identify specific solution sets. By evaluating graphs, expressions, and equations of different types, you will learn to glean important information from all kinds of situations. Specific topics covered in this section include:

Functions with squared terms (quadratic functions)
Polynomials with powers greater than 2
Rational functions (functions involving polynomial division)
Inequalities (greater-than / less-than)
Polynomial division (both long division and synthetic division)
Solving polynomial equations

Chapter Outline

Chapter Summary


This section focuses primarily on quadratic and rational functions, and presents multiple methods for solving and manipulating each. Lessons review and apply the concepts of asymptotes, including oblique or slant asymptotes, quadratic inequalities, synthetic division, and approximating real zeroes. This chapter culminates in an introduction to the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra.

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