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Chapter 8: Measurement, Area and Volume

Difficulty Level: Basic Created by: CK-12
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Here you will explore measurement including area and volume. You will start by finding the dimensions and area of triangles and quadrilaterals. Next, you will learn to find the circumference and area of circles. Then, you will learn the characteristics of solid figures and you'll learn how to identify them. Next, you will use this information to figure out the surface area of different solid figures. Finally, you will learn to find the volume of solid figures.

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You started by learning all about area. You learned how to find dimensions and areas of different triangles and quadrilaterals. While working with quadrilaterals, you learned how to identify different quadrilaterals too.

Next, you learned all about circles. After identifying circles, you saw how to use the formula for circumference to determine the circumference of different circles. Then you used the formula for finding the area of a circle to determine the area of different circles.

Then, you learned about solid figures. You saw how nets and different characteristics can help you to identify different solid figures. Once you could identify different solid figures, you learned how to find the surface area of these figures. Finally, you learned how to apply different formulas to calculate the volume of different solid figures.

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