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9.3: Learning Objectives

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will participate in a class-wide discussion of visible signs of stress on an object and its causes, as well as define the "strength" of an object.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will record the definitions of stress, strength, deflection, and point of failure in their notebooks.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will view a video clip of a 4-point-bend stress test that was filmed live at a NASA Structures and Materials Research Lab.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will review the "Lab Safety Rules" for the classroom prior to beginning the 3-point-bend stress test with their lab partners.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will test the strength of 3 small popsicle sticks and 3 large popsicle sticks by measuring the amount of suspended mass that that causes failure and recording the information in their data table.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will create a line plot using the class data (compiled by teacher) and analyze the data by responding to a series of prompts.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will compute material properties of the popsicle sticks and use them to predict future tests.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will draw conclusions and make predictions based on the data.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} Using the simulation programs World of Goo and West Point Bridge Builder, the students will learn the basics of bridge design and design a blueprint for a bridge that can withstand a given amount of stress and stay within budget.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} The students will construct their bridge according to their design.

\begin{align*}\checkmark\end{align*} Students will evaluate the overall success of their design and application with bridge building after their bridge is put under a strength test by the teacher.

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