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14 days (unit) / 1-2 days (per lesson)**

**19 of 20 Education Service Centers in Texas are using the ©C-Scope curriculum with the school districts they serve. Specifically, the "Year at a Glance" document (shown below) is utilized in order to ensure high-mobility students throughout the state (~5%) are able to obtain continuity in their learning as a result of common, state-wide timelines. Based on this timeline, this unit is a conglomeration of lessons that individually can be pulled out from the 3rd / 4th six weeks. Additional lesson resources are available for this unit through ©C-Scope, but do not fulfill the ModSim model as introduced.

Downloaded from: http://www.cscope.us/docs/yag/BIO_S_6wks_YAG_11-12_Sample.pdf

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