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Chapter 12: Reasoning

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Logic and Reasoning go hand in hand with Probability and Statistics. Understanding how to conduct a survey or poll and make sense out of the data you collect can help you gain some great insights into how things work. However, to share what you discover and, in some cases, debate its value, you need to understand how to think logically and argue your case with reason. In this lesson you will learn the technical definition of an argument, how to structure an argument viably, and how to identify logical fallacies or faults.

Logic and Reasoning go hand in hand with Probability and Statistics

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Chapter Summary

Students were introduce to the concepts of argument and inductive and deductive reasoning. Methods of evaluating argument validity such as Euler diagrams and rewriting premises and conclusions were also introduced and practiced. Students learned about structural and content fallacies and how to identify hidden premises. They practiced recognizing valid and invalid forms or argument throughout the lesson.

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Jun 24, 2013
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Jan 07, 2016
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