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5.2: Math Man on the Slopes

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12
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This activity is intended to supplement Algebra I, Chapter 4, Lesson 4.

Problem 1- Visually estimating slopes

Press APPS and select Cabri Jr. Open the file MATHMAN.

Math Man is cross-country skiing from left to right.

  • Which part(s) of the hill has the best “ski slope” for Math Man? Explain.

Now open the file DIPPER. You will see a representation of the “Big Dipper”, a formation commonly recognized in the night sky.

The slopes of the lines of the segments are:


  • Each segment is labeled with a letter. Match the slope with the segment. Record your answers below.
  • How did you determine which slope belonged with which segment?

Self-Check Point

  • I already know about y=mx+b and what each letter means. True False

Problem 2 – Exploring precise slope

Open the file SLOPE.

Move the point at (2,4), so the solid line has a slope of 23.

  • What are the coordinates of your point?
  • How did you determine where to place your point?
  • What is the equation of the line in slope-intercept form?

Move the point at (0,3) to (1,0). Now move the other point so that you have the line y=x1.

  • What is the slope of the line?
  • What are the coordinates of your point?
  • Did your method of placing the point change? Explain why or why not.

Problem 3 – Slope-Intercept Equation

Use the graph at the right to answer the following questions. The points (0,1) and (1,3) are on the line.

  • What is the slope of the line?
  • What is the y-intercept of the line?
  • What is the equation of the line?

Problem 4 – Assessing Understanding

  • What kind of line has a slope equal to ?
  • What is the slope and yintercept of y=3x+1?
  • Name the slope and yintercept: y=25x8
  • Name the slope: y+x=9
  • Name the slope: y=4
  • True or False: (0,6) is the yintercept of y=2x6.
  • True or False: (0,0) is the yintercept of y=3x.
  • True or False: (0,4) is an xintercept since x=0.


1. Draw a line on the graph at the right with yintercept (0,4) and any positive slope. Write its equation.

2. Draw a line on this worksheet that goes through (8,3) and has slope m=1. Write its equation.

3. Draw a horizontal line that goes through (4,1). Write its equation.

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