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Chapter 1: Understanding Biodiversity: Call for Contributions

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A CK-12 & Encyclopedia of Life Publication

Understanding Biodiversity is an on-line repository of biodiversity information intended for the secondary-level life science student. The repository will be compiled with individual species pages which contain information relevant to the secondary science classroom, including cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and physiology.

We invite secondary students to become contributing authors to this FlexBook. Submit proposals for contributions via email to info@ck12.org. Place [SCIENCE] Understanding Biodiversity proposal in the subject line, and include the name of the species for your submission.

After submission of a proposal and upon agreement with Understanding Biodiversity editors, students are to use the Understanding Biodiversity template to compile information for their selected species. Students may use any available resource to compile their information, including EOL resources. We ask that students identify relevant information as outlined in the template, realizing that some categories will be more extensive for certain species, and that other categories may contain little or no information. Material should be submitted by email to info@ck12.org. Place [SCIENCE] Understanding Biodiversity submission in the subject line.

See the Understanding Biodiversity FlexBook on the CK-12 website (http://www.ck12.org) for additional information.

Please email questions to: info@ck12.org.

Opening image copyright by Guanta, 2010. Used under license from Shutterstock.com.

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