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About the Chapter

After explaining what aldehydes and ketones are, this chapter will summarize some important properties of these compounds and explore the many ways ketones and aldehydes are used in our daily lives. You will learn how ketones are prevalent in the environment, present in our bodies, and able to cure opiate addiction. You will also learn why aldehydes are used in perfumes, baking, and cleaning products.

By the End of This Chapter, You Will Have Learned…

  1. The definition and basic properties of ketones and aldehydes
  2. How to distinguish an aldehyde from a ketone
  3. The basic nomenclature of aldehydes and ketones
  4. How the chemical methadone is used to cure opiate addiction
  5. How acetone affects the environment
  6. How ketones are produced metabolically in the body
  7. How ketones and aldehydes smell
  8. How aldehydes are involved in baking
  9. Why aldehydes are used in cleaning products

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