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9.1: Introduction

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

About the Chapter

This chapter focuses on amines. It will describe some of their identifying factors and properties, such as solubility and odor. It will also discuss common amines and the impact that they have on daily life. This includes the health hazards of heterocyclic amines and the relationship between histamine and allergies. Trimethylamine, aniline, and gefitinib are also studied.

By the End of This Chapter, You Will Have Learned...

  • How to identify amines
  • Basic properties of amines
  • The health hazards of heterocyclic amines
  • How histamines affect allergies
  • About the disease trimethylaminuria
  • The potential hazards of aniline
  • About the medicine Gefitinib

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