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About the Chapter

This chapter begins by defining carboxylic acids and briefly discussing their properties. The structure of carboxylic acids will be related to their involvement in our lives, such as their role in our muscles as lactic acid and their role in face care products as salicylic acid. You will also learn why aspirin is so effective, why fish is good for you, and what citric acid really is.

By the End of This Chapter, You Will Have Learned...

  • The definition and basic properties of carboxylic acids
  • How hydrogen bonding and van der Waals dispersion forces affect boiling point
  • Basic nomenclature of carboxylic acids
  • How and why lactic acid builds up in muscles during exercise
  • Why salicylic acid is used in acne medications and facial care products
  • Why acetylsalicylic acid is used in aspirin
  • How and why citric acid is used so often in commercially produced foods
  • How and why omega-6 and omega-3 work wonders in our bodies

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