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1.1: Introduction

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As an educator, have you ever felt that your textbook was not thorough or up-to-date? Do you have to use other resources, such as on-line resources, to teach your lessons? Do your students believe they can get current information from sources such as the internet rather than their textbook? The answer to these questions is usually a resounding yes. So what do school districts do? They spend millions of dollars every year to buy "current, up-to-date" textbooks.

CK-12 believes we can do better. CK-12, a nonprofit organization launched in 2007, aims to reduce the cost of textbook materials for the K-12 market, both in the US and worldwide. Would you like to be part of this effort?

Science themed lessons, chapters, or books submitted to CK-12 for consideration should be written for the K-12 grade level student. CK-12 is developing a series of web-based middle school and high school adaptive textbooks, each termed a "FlexBook," with K-5 content development to follow. An important advantage of the CK-12 material is the ability it gives the teacher to choose the chapters and lessons that are most important for his or her class. Therefore, flexibility is of upmost importance in developing material for CK-12. Material should be presented with multiple sections, allowing the teacher to choose desired topics for creating of an individualized "FlexBook" if so desired. As a contributor to CK-12's line-up of educat

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Feb 23, 2012
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Aug 31, 2016
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