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Human Biology - Lives of Cells

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Table of Contents

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  • 1.

    Introduction to Lives of Cells

    This chapter is the introduction to the Lives of Cells unit of the Human Biology Book.

  • 2.

    Building Blocks of Life

    This chapter focuses on the basic function of cells, and the organization of organisms.

  • 3.

    Cell Parts and Their Functions

    This chapter discusses the structure of cells including the plasma membrane, cytoplasm, and organelles.

  • 4.

    Cell Activities

    This chapter discusses some of a cell's responses to its environment, such as cell transport and enzymes as catalysts. The cell cycle is also explained, both meiosis and mitosis are addressed.

  • 5.

    DNA and the Genetic Code

    This chapter discusses the structure and replication of DNA. Transcription and protein synthesis are also addressed.

  • 6.

    The Health of Cells

    This chapter focuses on the health of cells. These issues include: mutations, genetic disorders, and cancer.

  • 7.

    Lives of Cells Glossary

    This is the glossary for the Human Biology unit on the Lives of Cells.

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