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2.2: Practice Questions

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Directions: For each question in this section, select the best answer from among the choices given. Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omittee Beneath the sentence are five words or sets of words labeled A through Choose the word or set of words that, when inserted in the sentence, best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

  1. (Sentence Completion) — Michelle sought ----------- from her new peers who she wanted to like her on the first day of high school, but instead she found herself quietly ----------------- for the familiarity and warmth of middle school.
    1. condemnation...aching
    2. approbation...clamoring
    3. perdition...yearning
    4. acceptance...repining
    5. repudiation...longing
  2. (Sentence Completion) — Nearly half of the entire student body traveled to New Orleans to rebuild communities and construct homes from scratch; other members of the student body worked on a more finite project by restoring ----------------- homes in the urban district that were falling apart.
    1. demolished
    2. derelict
    3. effervescent
    4. dilapidated
    5. mediocre
  3. (Sentence Completion) — Known for his loquacious speech style, Robert typically delivered ------------ speeches that often used five words for concepts that could be expressed in two words.
    1. lengthy
    2. vapid
    3. monotonous
    4. lively
    5. verbose
  4. (Sentence Completion) — During the ------------, which deprived the entire region of rain for two consecutive months, the town had a difficult time surviving the -------- weather that left plants withered and people parched.
    1. monsoons...dehydrated
    2. scarcity...muggy
    3. torrent...humid
    4. drought...arid
    5. typhoon...moist
  5. (Sentence Completion) — It is better to be -----------, allowing people to approach you and gradually making friends, than being a --------------- and talking presumptuously to get people’s attention and false respect.
    1. undaunted...peddler
    2. diffident...swashbuckler
    3. reserved...charlatan
    4. assertive...entrepreneur
    5. valiant...swindler
  6. (Sentence Completion) — Since the orator was exceeding his allotted time and lost the audience’s interest, it was up to the orchestra at the awards show to --------------- his speech and guide the host to the next event.
    1. augment
    2. mangle
    3. ravish
    4. curtail
    5. accommodate
  7. (Reading Comprehension) — Technology is rapidly expanding the scope of capabilities for both professional and personal use; such is the case with smart phones. Professionals now have devices available to them capable of digital media, internet access, phone communication, multi-person scheduling and office tools for documents and presentations. Businesspeople that are often mobile may maximize the use of these critical features on smart phones. Individuals who simply enjoy the luxury of multi-function devices often use these devices for frivolous pursuits such as downloading catchy ring tones, instant messaging about the latest gossip and looking up the world record for most cans crushed on one’s head during the Superbowl. This fusion of capabilities and increased availability of such devices could be a sign of a growing blend in society between work and personal life, or individuals could simply be taking a luxurious approach to their connectivity in personal lives. The term “frivolous” implies that the author
    1. is fascinated by the endless capabilities on smart phones.
    2. hopes that technology ceases to expand its scope.
    3. believes that the average individual does not need a smart phone.
    4. has a smart phone.
    5. wants to see more developments added to smart phone technology.
  8. (Reading Comprehension) — What is the purpose of the conclusion sentence?
    1. Draw a conclusion about what we know smart phones can do
    2. Assume where technology is headed and how it will affect society
    3. Comment on human connectivity through the use of smart phones
    4. Predict how the government will regulate and guide future technology
    5. Present two possible explanations for the growing popularity of smart phones
  9. (Reading Comprehension) — Greek mythology is a vehicle that uses mythological characters and creatures to teach people about the dangers, beauties and possible outcomes of life. In many myths, characters face moral dilemmas involving honor and practicality. The protagonists of epics face creatures that represent values and challenges such as respect, temptation and redemption. How has Greek mythology inevitably evolved with time and new story tellers? Scholars that have interpreted Greek mythology seek to maintain the universal values conveyed in these stories, while ensuring the validity of adapting these stories to their own distinct cultures. It is up to each reader to seek their own truths and learn from epic Greek mythology as best they can. According to the author’s description, which of the following is most likely to be a message from Greek mythology?
    1. Love is difficult, but it will last if the lovers are meant to be together.
    2. Resisting temptation and immediate gratification will lead to ultimate success.
    3. It is important to keep track of your personal history.
    4. Passing down Greek mythology has taken on a new form since oral records faded.
    5. It is not the fastest, but the longest lasting that wins the race.
  10. (Reading Comprehension) — Which word best describes the author’s account of Greek mythology?
    1. idealistic
    2. pessimistic
    3. dubious
    4. critical
    5. mysterious

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