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1.1: Introduction to the Mathematics Section

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Quick! What is the derivative of the exponential logarithmic function \begin{align*}x2ygy32\end{align*} and what are its limits? Just kidding! The SAT will NOT ask you any question remotely like this; it doesn't even make sense! The SAT math section tests you in four areas:

  1. Number and Operations
  2. Algebra and Functions
  3. Geometry
  4. Probability and Statistics

The “Number and Operations” section asks you questions all about integers, rational numbers and sets, among other topics.

Some areas in the “Algebra and Functions” section are simplifying expressions, exponents, word problems and absolute value.

Shift gears into “Geometry” where you will be asked about area, volume and slope in addition to other topics.

In the “Probability and Statistics” section you will find questions on data interpretation and central tendencies; this section often has questions about your chances of picking \begin{align*}2\end{align*} blue marbles from a full bag!

On the SAT this section takes \begin{align*}70 \ minutes\end{align*} and offers two types of questions: multiple choice and grid-in. Consisting of \begin{align*}54\end{align*} raw marks, the math section includes \begin{align*}44\end{align*} multiple-choice questions and \begin{align*}10\end{align*} grid-in questions. These are spread out over \begin{align*}3\end{align*} separate math sections. Remember, grid-in questions provide you with no answer choices, but you do not lose points for guessing in this section!

Study the following lessons closely to learn how to apply your skills to questions on the SAT. Know how to use your calculator, work formulas and express your answers.

[For the remaining lessons in SAT math and hundreds of practice questions, please visit INeedAPencil.com. In the meantime, complete the following 10 questions to get a sense for your performance in this subject.]

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