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1.2: Practice Questions

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

Directions: For this section, solve each problem and decide which is the best of the choices given. You may use any available space for scratchwork.

  1. (Numbers and Operations) — At Bruno’s Video World, the regular price for a DVD is \begin{align*}d\end{align*}d dollars. How many DVDs can be purchased for \begin{align*}x\end{align*}x dollars when the DVDs are on sale at \begin{align*}20\%\end{align*}20%off the regular price?
    1. \begin{align*}\frac{4}{5x}\end{align*}45x
    2. \begin{align*}\frac{5}{4x}\end{align*}54x
    3. \begin{align*}\frac{4}{5d}\end{align*}45d
    4. \begin{align*}\frac{4x}{5d}\end{align*}4x5d
    5. \begin{align*}\frac{5x}{4d}\end{align*}5x4d
  2. (Numbers and Operations) — If a geometric sequence starts with a first term of \begin{align*}2\end{align*}2 and grows exponentially by a factor of \begin{align*}3\end{align*}3, what is the sum of the 4th and 5th terms?
    1. \begin{align*}216\end{align*}216
    2. \begin{align*}162\end{align*}162
    3. \begin{align*}108\end{align*}108
    4. \begin{align*}54\end{align*}54
    5. \begin{align*}27\end{align*}27
  3. (Algebra and Functions) — If \begin{align*}x^2-y^2 = 48\end{align*}x2y2=48, then \begin{align*}\frac{2}{3}(x+y)(x-y)=\end{align*}23(x+y)(xy)=
    1. \begin{align*}16\end{align*}16
    2. \begin{align*}72\end{align*}72
    3. \begin{align*}96\end{align*}96
    4. \begin{align*}32\end{align*}32
    5. \begin{align*}64\end{align*}64
  4. (Algebra and Functions) — Eddie is \begin{align*}7\end{align*}7 years older than Brian. If Brian is \begin{align*}x\end{align*}x years old, then how old was Eddie \begin{align*}11\end{align*}11years ago?
    1. \begin{align*}x - 18\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}x - 4\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}x - 7\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}7x - 11\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}x + 18\end{align*}

Directions: The following question (5) is an example of a grid-in math problem. On the SAT, you will solve the problem and indicate your answer by darkening the ovals on the special grid provided. Since you do not have this type of answer sheet to practice on, simply write your response. For more information about grid-in questions, please visit sat.collegeboard.com/practice/sat-practice-questions-math/student-produced-response.

  1. (Algebra and Functions) — If \begin{align*}1.5y = 30\end{align*}, what is the value of \begin{align*}\frac{y}{(y+30)}\end{align*}?
  2. (Geometry) — Which line has a slope of \begin{align*}-3\end{align*}?
    1. \begin{align*}3x + 2y = 4\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}-3x + y = 5\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}3x + y = 2\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}6x + 3y = 9\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}-3x + 2y = 10\end{align*}
  3. (Geometry) — Which of the following would shift \begin{align*}f(x)\end{align*} right \begin{align*}3 \ units\end{align*}?
    1. \begin{align*}\frac{1}{3}f(x)\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}f(x+3)\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}f(x-3)\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}f(x) + 3\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}f(x) - 3\end{align*}
  4. (Geometry)\begin{align*}\overline{AD} || \overline{BC}\end{align*}. \begin{align*}mAC=13\end{align*}. \begin{align*}mBC =5\end{align*}. If \begin{align*}mBD = 15\end{align*}, what is \begin{align*}mAD\end{align*}?  
    1. \begin{align*}8\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}9\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}10\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}11\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}12\end{align*}
  5. (Probability and Statistics)The following chart gives the graduation ages of 10 students. What is the mean age of the graduating students?
    1. \begin{align*}17\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}17.1\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}17.2\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}17.3\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}17.4\end{align*}
  6. (Probability and Statistics) — A high school of \begin{align*}350\end{align*} students offers biology and chemistry courses. \begin{align*}213\end{align*} students are enrolled in biology while \begin{align*}155\end{align*} students are studying chemistry. \begin{align*}78\end{align*}students are studying both subjects. How many students are not studying either subject?
    1. \begin{align*}18\end{align*}
    2. \begin{align*}60\end{align*}
    3. \begin{align*}70\end{align*}
    4. \begin{align*}50\end{align*}
    5. \begin{align*}78\end{align*}

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