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2.2: Practice Questions

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Directions: For this section, solve each problem and decide which is the best of the choices given. You may use any available space for scratchwork.

  1. (Sentence Completion) — As a student who was always intelligent and _______ when trying to solve difficult problems in school, Eugene shocked his entire community when he got into a fatal car accident that left his family _______, missing its beloved eldest son and condemned to incompletion forever.
    1. diligent...depressed
    2. reckless...vindicated
    3. engrossed...debilitated
    4. ingenuous...content
    5. astute...bereaved
  2. (Sentence Completion) — The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has a clear _____ mission to assist less fortunate people suffering from health and education problems.
    1. philanthropic
    2. miserly
    3. lucrative
    4. financial
    5. iniquitous
  3. (Sentence Completion) — The videos of bleeding children and weeping mothers _______ the American citizens to the point of contacting legislators and urging for an end to the revolting war overseas.
    1. convinced
    2. surprised
    3. guided
    4. galvanized
    5. ravaged
  4. (Sentence Completion) — Since the orator was exceeding his allotted time and lost the audience’s interest, it was up to the orchestra at the awards show to _______ his speech and guide the host to the next event.
    1. augment
    2. mangle
    3. ravish
    4. curtail
    5. accommodate
  5. (Sentence Completion) — The sailors had _______ charted the seas with detailed maps and planned for all possible mishaps; nevertheless, when the storm beat down on their ship _______ with hail and vigorous wind, there was no defense.
    1. meticulously...naturally
    2. hastily...violently
    3. rashly...boisterously
    4. warily...vehemently
    5. carefully...torpidly
  6. (Sentence Completion) — The two _______ political parties in the United States are the Republicans and the Democrats; most of the political decisions and events are controlled by politicians that belong to these parties.
    1. subsidiary
    2. belligerent
    3. synergic
    4. trenchant
    5. predominant
  7. (Reading Comprehension) — Swimming has developed from a primal mode of movement to an advanced hobby and competitive sport. Exercising nearly every muscle group, swimming is a rigorous sport and requires intense training. In competitions swimmers typically contend for the fastest time to complete a certain distance by performing a specific swimming stroke. Also, swimmers work to build endurance and an ability to swim over long distances. Because swimming has developed into a highly intricate competitive sport, where one wrong technique can disqualify a participant, it is interesting to ponder how the sport will evolve for people in the future, either advancing into a progressive purpose or regressing to a primal mode of movement. The structure of this passage could be best described in what way?
    1. An activity narrowed to a specific purpose and expanded to consider future implications.
    2. An activity narrowed to a specific purpose and expanded to consider future deviations.
    3. A hypothesis tested against certain conditions, developed into a larger thesis.
    4. An activity and its purposes are explained.
    5. A supposition regarding the prospect of an activity, analyzed for viability
  8. (Reading Comprehension) — Which of the following situations would fulfill the author’s prophecy for swimming?
    1. Humans settling on the moon use swimming techniques to move through space.
    2. Swimming remains a competitive Olympic sport.
    3. Animals, including amphibians, begin to swim instinctively upon birth, as a dominant genetic trait.
    4. People swim in home and community pools to relax and exercise.
    5. Fish begin swimming at unprecedented speeds and extend the average life span.
  9. (Reading Comprehension) — Cities across the world are essentially blends of smaller cultural environments that lead people to have vastly different experiences. Each city typically contains a broad spectrum of dining establishments along with various art institutions like museums and theatres. Yet with all these blends of dining, art and night lives, what is the one characteristic that can distinguish a city? History. The undeniably unique history of each city provides rich traditions and a bond between the local people that overshadows any other city’s mélange of dining and art institutions. In context, which word most closely defines mélange?
    1. frivolous
    2. tradition
    3. assortment
    4. opportunity
    5. brochure
  10. (Reading Comprehension) — Which of the following would the author believe is the most important city attraction or characteristic?
    1. The exquisite French restaurant in the European district
    2. The Museum of Natural History
    3. Ruins from the Berlin Wall and the local community
    4. Wrigley Field
    5. A democratic government

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