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2.1: Introduction to the Critical Reading Section

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You’re going to really need some caffeine and a sharp mind to get through this one. The SAT Critical Reading section, formerly known as the verbal section, tests your ability to use vocabulary and analyze reading passages. This section takes 70 \ minutes with 67 multiple choice questions in the following formats:

  1. Fill in the blank vocabulary (19 raw marks)
  2. Reading comprehension. (48 raw marks).

Don’t fear the vocabulary section. It certainly helps to have used those tedious books like “1000 SAT Words: Easy, fun and here now for \$19.95!” Yet much of this section is based on your ability to think critically and use sentence clues to logically deduce the definition of the missing word. After you have done this you must rely on your knowledge of vocabulary, word attachments and word roots. We will walk you through these questions step by step to develop your vocab and logic skills.

The reading comprehension section usually puts 50\% of your testing room to sleep within 5 minutes. (These passages are usually so abstract and boring to create a level playing field for students. The College Board figures that if it provides a sports essay, then athletes will have an advantage. So why not bore everyone?!) These multiple choice questions ask you about main ideas, tones, perspectives, word meanings in contexts and anything else that the SAT test makers think you should be able to tell from the info in the passages! Be on your toes, take notes while reading and make sure you can provide text support for your answer choices!

[For the remaining lessons in SAT critical reading and hundreds of practice questions, please visit INeedAPencil.com. In the meantime, complete the following 10 questions to get a sense for your performance in this subject.]

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