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4.2: Trig Proofs

Difficulty Level: At Grade Created by: CK-12

This activity is intended to supplement Trigonometry, Chapter 3, Lesson 2.

Problem 1 – Using the Calculator for verification

1. Prove: (1 + \cos x)(1 - \cos x) = \sin^2x.

Verify the proof graphically. Enter the left side of the equation in Y_1 and the right side of the equation in Y_2.

Problem 2 - Confirm your findings

For questions 2 through 5, prove the equation given and then verify it graphically. For \cot x, type \left ( \frac{1}{\tan x} \right ). For \sec x, type \left(\frac{1}{\cos x}\right).

2. \sin x \cdot \cot x \cdot \sec x = 1

3. \frac{\sec^2 x-1}{\sec^2 x}=\sin^2 x

4. \tan x + \cot x = \sec x(\csc x)

5. \frac{\sin^2 x-49}{\sin^2 x+14 \sin x+49}=\frac{\sin x-7}{\sin x+7}

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