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5.0: Understanding Programming: TEST THIS!

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Talking about software testing without understanding how software is made can lead to many misconceptions. The act of making software and writing the code that computers can read and execute is called "programming".

The challenge is that, without deciding on a language that everyone will use, it can be difficult to understand programming concepts and how they are applied.

Instead, we want to have you play a game.

 TEST THIS: Lightbot

Lightbot is a game that allows the player to "program" the movements of a robot to walk, turn, jump, and maneuver through obstacles so that they can meet objectives (usually "lighting up" certain tiles, hence the name).


Your Mission:

Play through the game, completing as many of the levels as possible. While you do so, take note of the numerous programming ideas that are demonstrated, such as conditions, functions, recursion, etc.). Be prepared to explain how these steps resemble computer programming, and how many of the ideas apply to the way that software is made today.

So why did we have you play this game? What did you notice in the process? Were you able to advance in the game? How far? Did you notice that many of the commands couldn’t work unless you made small libraries (functions) to hold a bunch of the commands?

For those with a lot of programming experience, this may seem very basic, but for many people who have not programmed, this is a good way to help explain and practice the concepts that frame all programming languages.

[Next Section: A Primer on Programming, Super Basic. How much should we put in?]

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Difficulty Level:
At Grade
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Dec 26, 2012
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Apr 29, 2014

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