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1.0: Testing is Exploration: TEST THIS!

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This module is meant to give testers a chance to test something with the skills they already have, no matter their starting point. This exercise is meant to help testers understand how exploration helps them in their goals of understanding how a product works and what might be issues to consider.

Before we talk any theory, before we discuss any buzzwords or jargon, before we do any of that, we want to give you an experience of looking at an application and figuring out what it does.

TEST THIS: Black Box Machines

James Lyndsay has a number of "Black Box Machines" that he has made available for testing simulations.

They can be reached here:


Your Mission: Using any abilities you have and anything you can find on the page or in the Flash applications themselves:

1. Determine what the machine does.

2. See if you can find any issues with how the machines "do their job".

Take time to explore each of the machines, and take notes on what you find. When you are finished, continue on to the next section.

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Difficulty Level:
At Grade
Date Created:
Dec 24, 2012
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Apr 29, 2014

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