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Anion Formation

Gain of electrons results in an ion

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Keep Your Ion the Money!

Can gains and losses in money balance be manipulated in such a way that models ion formation?                 


Credit: Andrew Magill
Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amagill/3366720659/sizes/o/in/photolist-68vjKV-68zxeQ-68zxij-6bwpkt-6bwpmk-6bAwB5-6dmfsQ-6hSkjK-6mbKnn-6vB8DY-6xG15W-6zTvTQ-6NEjfH-6NEsJM-6NEuzX-6NEwkZ-6NEwJR-6NJsNs-6NJwNU-6NJxo1-6NJyL3-6NJApo-6NJBBf-6NJFLE-6WRDT3-6XPeFb-6ZqhpE-6Zsgq4-713m5r-73PAvi-769w63-79WHdk-7dfoH9-dSXXyh-dTUAhR-dUSc9a-dmyfCP-9ZA9J6-dSZe91-bH1iX8-chEwR9-dSK3tm-cnchKE-bi1bhM-dK2oa7-dK2osL-a2YSa6-8HWvej-9kJxyv-d8Zd4W-9kMAcY/
License: CC BY-NC 3.0

You have just opened a new bank account, and you decide to deposit a base amount of $1000. You monitor your savings as you make deposits or withdrawals, paying special attention to how above or below you have moved away from the base value. As you work, you earn a monthly salary and deposit a portion of it every once in awhile. One day, you decide to buy a car and so you withdraw all but $500. After you purchase the car, you realize you have gone below the base amount.

Creative Applications

1. If withdrawals are like electrons, would your bank account most accurately represent a cation or an anion? Explain.

2. Is having more electrons than protons necessarily a bad thing for atoms? If not, explain why and give an example where it is helpful.

3. Review: Your sibling has a bank account and similarly keeps a base value of $1000. However, they have $1500 saved up. Would their account be a cation or an anion?

4. Going Further: You and your sibling decide to merge accounts. In chemistry terms, what would the combination of these two “ions” form? (Hint: What results from combining an anion and cation?)

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