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Atomic Number

The number of protons in an atom. Defines arrangement of periodic table.

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Atomic Money

Have you ever wanted something, but didn't have any money? Did you consider what it might be like to be a millionaire? A millionaire is judged by how much money he or she has. Therefore if a person has 1 million dollars to their name they are considered a millionaire. With more than one million dollars and less than 999.99 million dollars they are called multi millionaires. Then above 1 billion dollars they are called billionaires.

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money can change you [Figure1]

Similarly an element is defined by how many protons it has. The number of protons in an element is the atomic number.Based on how many protons an atom has it gains its name. The amount of protons is consistant in every isotope or ion. The atomic number is increasing moving right. The atomic number of an atom stays the same no matter if it is an isotope or an ion. In a stable atom, the number of protons are equal to the number of electrons.


What is the atomic number of plutonium?

What is the atomic number of Meitnerium?

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